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How to Help Your Affiliates Protect Their Hard Earned Commissions

If You Own or Manage an Affiliate Program You Can't Afford to Miss This...

If you don't have/run your own affiliate program, then click here to skip this offer.

Auratech's Affiliate Link Cloaker

Dear Affiliate Program Manager

As you are probably aware, there's a rapidly growing problem facing your affiliates on the Net. The problem that I'm referring to is that of affiliate link hi-jacking and bypassing. In case you weren't aware:
  • Link Hi-jacking - High-jacking is when the purchaser takes your affiliate link out and replaces it with their own link. Now your "would be" commission turns into a discount for them.

  • Link Bypassing - Bypassing is what happens when someone sees an affiliate link and instead of clicking on it, they copy the main part of the link (the domain) directly into their browser's address bar to go to the same place, thus no referral is credited to you.
As an affiliate to many programs myself, I know how hard it is to firstly get targeted traffic to a site and secondly, encourage (pre-sell) them enough to click my affiliate links. Nothing is more *frustrating* than someone stealing my hard-earned commissions.

A fast and easy way to protect your affiliate links!

That's why we've developed a program that protects your affiliate's commissions by cloaking their links and preventing almost any chance of theft.

Better still, we've made this program fast and easy to use. There's no HTML coding!

  1. They just enter their affiliate link
  2. Click the "Cloak Link" button
  3. Click'n'Paste the cloaked link into their HTML web page or email.
It's So Simple! See the sample screen shot below.

screen shot

and this is how it turns out


Plus that's not all. Here's what else they get...

They can cloak as many links as they like
They can use the program as often as they like (no expiry)
They can pass this program around to their friends, colleagues and sub-affiliates.

Our Special FREE Offer

Similar programs are selling between $30 and $40 US (and even as much as $97), you can give our program away (or use it yourself) to all your affiliates for FREE. Wouldn't that make a nice bonus gift for all your existing and new affiliates? Build a better relationship with your affiliates by helping them protect their commissions!
Obviously you will want to try it out for yourself first, so you can download a copy at the bottom of this page, but before you do, here's our Bonus Offer to you as an affiliate program manager.


You've all probably heard of the power of viral marketing, and no doubt some of you are probably using some viral marketing techniques already. Well as well as YOUR generous gift to your affiliates, we'll help turn the program into your own viral marketing tool.
For just $<% response.write USD %> US ($100 AUD), we will:
  • Allow you re-name the program, whatever you like
  • Brand the start-up splash screen with your own logo, small message, etc.
  • Brand the Exit splash screen with your own logo, a small sales paragraph and an active link(s) to your website
  • Re-compile program and re-create the installation program for you.
Here is an example of one of the Splash Screens that you can brand:

You can give-away YOUR branded link cloaker program to ALL your existing affiliates as well as any NEW affiliates that join, anytime in the future.

That's right, for just $<% response.write USD %> US you have the chance to:

  1. Build a better relationship with your affiliates by caring enough to give them a way to protect their commissions!
  2. Add a powerful Viral Marketing program to your marketing toolbox!

When you place your order, we'll contact you via email within 24 hours to discuss your specific branding requirements and grab a copy of the images you wish to use. We'll then have your completed installation program, ready to distribute, back to you within 5 working days!

Our Guarantee

  • The program will perform as it should without any errors.
  • Our branding is performed on schedule and to your satisfaction
  • We'll be here if you need us for Support for anything at all to do with the program.
If we don't deliver on this, our promise, we'll happily refund your money. No questions asked.

  1. Click here to order right now with our secure ecommerce provider (this way we don't even get to see your credit card details, so it's extremely safe).

  2. Call +61-7-3272-6670 (8am - 6pm GMT+10) and we can process your credit card manually or discuss other payment options e.g. PayPal.
    Outside of business hours please leave a detailed message including your name, what you are ordering, your call-back number and the best time to call you.
    You can also email your details to Auratech Sales Dept. and we'll return your call.

  3. Click here to print out an order form to mail or fax your order.

Before you order, please read our Terms and Conditions of the software license.

Regardless of whether you order, you are welcome to hand out this program (as it is when you download it below) to your affiliates, colleagues and friends.
I am sure that you see the great benefit of branding this tool as your own and will grab this offer whilst it is at this incredibly low price!
Order Now! and be one of the first to hear your affiliates' praises!


Paul Smith -- Managing Director
Auratech Software Pty Ltd.

P.S. - You really have nothing to lose. Here's a great tool that will be of great benefit to your affiliates, which you can give away as many copies as you like (even if you have 70,000+ affiliates) PLUS we'll brand it for you so it will go on advertising your business and products forever.

P.P.S - Even if you only have 100 affiliates, at this price, to get a branded message infront of each of them, you are looking at a cost of less than a $1 per affiliate. The more affiliates you have the cheaper this powerful marketing method becomes!

Download Your Copy Now!

The file size is only 2.8 Mb and the system runs on all PCs with Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/2003 operating systems with a minimum 8 Mb Memory. Plus, if for some reason (can't think of why you wouldn't) you don't like the program, it comes with uninstall functionality so it will remove the program and restore everything back the way it was before you loaded it. The program has also been scanned for viruses. Now how's that for assurance?!

Just fill in the form below and click the 'Submit' button and we'll email you instructions on downloading your copy!

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